Career Coaching -Individual Clients

  • Army officer transitioning from armed services to private sector;
  • Attorney changing organizations and management style
  • Real estate broker moving to early childhood development;
  • Retail banking officer moving to brokerage operations officer;
  • Financial services officer moving to senior compliance officer.
  • Media exec moving from studio to internal shop
  • Consultant moving from individual contributor to team leader

Organization Design - Financial services company

  •  Facilitated executive team process and discussions on JV talent management resulting in succession, growth and reorganization plans.

Employee Development - Securities trading solutions company

  •  Created a global mentor program; achieved 13% participation in first month.

Acquisitions -

  • Financial services solution company - provided due diligence work on US potential acquisitions in London and Paris.
  • Securities depository - prepared company for acquisition from letter of intent through first year after acquisition. Managed employee communication, comp and benefits negotiations, officer interviews, and HRIS data transfer for a smooth process.

Joint Venture Start-up -

Derivatives processing company - with leadership team, set up a global JV; negotiated 'keep whole' employee compensation and benefits with parent companies; Developed and delivered  multiple leadership communication tools resulting in 300 successfully transitioned employees. No resignations in first year.

Recent Projects

Executive and Organizational Coaching -

Securities processing solutions company.  Provided coaching to top talent and executives, in change management best practices to contributing to many successful JVs.  Provided new-to-role coaching to sales executives.

Retail Clothing company - coached leaders through a six-month leadership development process with 360s, Development Plans, and strategic implementation support.

Global Media Company - coached executives and leaders from digital, creative, print and operations.  Led workshops in managing up and reframing time management.

Talent Development -

Financial data solutions company - designed and led performance management workshops to align competencies with new culture. Designed performance discussion best practices workshops and led sessions for 1,700 employees globally.

Strategic Human Capital Solutions -

Data Analytics company - provided HR, coaching, management and talent development services to growth company that added 30% to headcount in one year.

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